Our Escape Room's

Night at The Museum - LvL Easy

The first and easiest room is 'Night at the Museum' - based on the comedy of the same title. 

It is adapted for children from the age of 7. However, in order for the children to feel comfortable and have puzzles appropriate for their age, you need to select the 'Kids' level during reservation; otherwise, the puzzles will be at an 'adult' level. 

Bright Room

Mystery of an Old Man - LvL Midum

Our second room is 'Mystery of an Old Man.' 

This room was created based on a true story found in a newspaper describing the mysterious history of an old man found in the woods next to an old cabin near the site of an airplane crash. 

This man had no identification documents, but the strangest thing was the notebook he had with him - containing dates and descriptions of disasters that had already happened, as well as those that would happen in the future. 

Confirmation of this came from a disaster that occurred during the police investigation, which perfectly matched the date and description noted in the calendar... 

Bright Room

The Maniac - LvL Hard ( last chance play on this room - it will be replaced with a new one soon )

The last and most difficult of our rooms is 'The Maniac.' 

The main theme of the room is an investigation into the disappearance of women who were patients of a psychologist. 

The doctor has now been arrested and is being interrogated by a police officer, and you and your team are tasked with searching his office in hopes of finding evidence of his guilt... 

The room is dark, with creepy music playing.